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"Live at Cooke's Thatch" was recorded during a live Galway Ramblers trad session at the historic Cooke's Thatch Bar in Galway City. It was a wet Tuesday evening during regular business hours, and the band settled in around a table with their instruments as the locals drifted in and pints were poured. The result is this CD with the full authentic flavor of an Irish traditional session. If you would like to purchase "Live at Cooke's Thatch", please click here for our page listing on CD Baby, where you can also hear samples of each track.

Live at Cooke's Thatch
Track Listing:

1. Jamboree
2. Cooley's / Silver Spear / Cregg's Pipes (reels)
3. Clare to Here
4. Mulhaire's / Gallagher's Frolics / The Maid on the Green (jigs)
5. Rocks of Bawn
6. South Australia
7. James Gannon's / The Chaffpool Post (barndances)
8. Raglan Road
9. The New Policeman / The Banshee / The Merry Blacksmith (reels)
10. The Deserter
11. Paddy's Polkas (polkas)
12. Lark in the Morning
13. Sourgrass and Granite (waltz)
14. The Boys of Barr na Sráide
15. Martin Wynne's / Christmas Eve (reels)
16. Claddagh